diy low loft bed with storage

Adding a low loft bed with storage with a small TV room or can provide design interest both storage space for other activities. Sometimes you can carve two interesting zones – a bedroom loft that gives a sense of privacy, and a corner closed below that can be used as a computer area, reading area, […]

Full Loft Bed with Desk and Futon

Loft bed with desk and futon – A futon bunk bed is ideal for a room shared by two people. For a person who uses a room alone, converting a frame bunk bed in a loft bed about 20 square feet of floor space is opened. Cut the board into four 10-foot 30-inch boards. Arena boards. Paint the four […]

Amazing King Size Loft Bed

King size loft bed – An extra large high bed is definitely a conventional piece of furniture, but more than 40 square feet of floor space saving. This project a couple of hours will be. These plans are for pine and plywood, the cheapest wood available, but you can replace the more expensive wood for […]

Awesome Loft Bed with Desk and Couch

Loft bed with desk and couch – When you re finished building are you’ll have a piece that is about 4 meters wide x 7 feet long x 6 meters. Measure and cut wood. To make the frame for the upper bed need four 4 × 4 posts (6 feet long.); February 2 x 8 […]

Wood Loft Bed with Couch Underneath

Loft bed with couch underneath – Make each bed leg two 48-inch boards 2 by 6. Keep the boards together at an angle of 90 degrees with clamps C. Use the drill to screw together with wood screws 3 inches, about 10 per leg. Measure from the bottom of each leg and make a thick pencil line […]

Double Loft Beds for Boys Design

Loft beds for boys – Loft beds or bunk beds with a below table is great for teenagers or students. These savings cheap loft space beds are ideal for small rooms where enough space for a bed is limited. Low cost bunk beds with a single fixed table or shelf for low supply a secure […]

All in One Loft Bed for Teen

All in one loft bed – The bedroom is a little space for 100 square feet where the student will spend at least one year of school. Here’s how you can build these two important pieces of bedroom furniture. Calculate the amount of space you have. Take a tape measure and actually measure how big the room […]

best princess loft bed

I’m sure some readers in their childhood dreamed to have a double story like princess loft bed. Well, not exactly like this, they were once more cheesy and were full of curves and arabesques. But of Lifetime met all expectations in terms of design and modern parent mothers: a bed with clean lines, made ​​of […]

Best Loft Bed Frame Twin

Loft bed frame twin – Twin castle under attic offer space-saving convenience of a bunk bed with a lower height makes it ideal for small children. The tent-shaped castle can be purchased in both boy and girl designs and usually slides on a tent structure that attaches firmly to bed. Most of the castle under […]

Beautiful Fire Truck Loft Bed

The simplest of the fire truck loft bed to build type is one that is based on a bed of normal child. By purchasing a wooden bed for young children with connected rails, you can easily make necessary to make it the fire truck bed of dreams of your child changes. Factors to consider when […]